How do I assemble my tent? 

You can download instructions for assembling both of our tents below.

Bazaar Tent Instructions pdf

Haj Tent Instructions pdf


Where are the tents made?

They are made in Pakistan and then shipped to England via Karachi.


What are the advantages of the different types of canvas?

Polycotton Canvas:

Cotton Canvas

How waterproof are the tents? 

The tents are water resistant.  They have been treated with a water-repellent treatment.  We normally say that they are as ‘waterproof as a wax cotton jacket’ -  that is to say, if it rains everyone will be dry underneath it as long as the tent is properly tensioned and the rain can run off.  However, if it pours with rain for some time, then water may collect in the corners of the roof, and if allowed to sit it will begin seep through.  The solution is to knock out any puddles that form in the corners of the roof from the underneath.   Waterproofing improves after a bit of use, during which time the warp and the weft of the canvas expands and tightens.  Waterproofing can also be improved by applying waterproofing treatments such as Fabsil to the seams and stitch lines of the tent.


Can the linings come in other colours?

While we only keep the yellow patterned liners in stock, different linings can be made to order.


Are the tents fireproof?

The tents are fire retardant, manufactured to meet BS 5852 standards.  We advise that everyone is extremely careful with cigarettes, matches, barbeques, candles, lanterns etc.  Don’t leave a naked flame unattended and ensure that the tent can be exited easily.   


How can I pay for a tent?

The payment method is by on line transaction, cheque or bank transfer.  There is no VAT to be paid.  Tents can only be dispatched after payment has been made.


How are the tents delivered?

Tuffnells Parcel Express are our delivery agents and request a signature on delivery.  For your convenience we will need details of a covered place for them to leave the tent such as a garage, shed or stable which we will pass on to them. 


How long does it take to deliver a tent?

Once payment is received, we will despatch the tent to you within two days and it will then arrive within a further two working days.


How long do the tents last?

The majority of our customers use their tents for specific events and then put them away. Given their Asian origins this is the best way to maintain the condition of the tents and, when used in this way, we have heard of tents that are still in use 10 - 15 years later.  Other customers put up their tents from May to September, in this instance and depending on weather, a tent might last for two summers. The look of the tent will deteriorate over time and use.


How is the tent packaged?

The tent comes in 3 bundles.  There is a “roof” bundle, a “walls” bundle and a “poles, pegs and mallet” bundle.  The bundles are large and heavy.  For the largest tent (26 x 14ft) the roof is about 5’ long and about 18” across, the walls are 6’ long and about 2’ across, and the poles etc are about 5’ long and about 12” across.  


How long does it take to put a tent up?

For the first time allow 1 and a half hours with at least three people.  After that, once you know what you’re doing and with practice it can take about 50 minutes.  The tents are designed with the yellow lining material already attached to the roof and wall panels which greatly simplifies how the tent is put up.


How much room around the edge do the ropes need?

We recommend at least 3’ all the way round, the further out the better.  Some people have fixed guy ropes to walls, but for this we recommend professional advice be taken.


How tall are the tents?

The tents are 9’ high, and 6’ at the top of the walls where the roof comes down to meet them.  A tall person may have to duck underneath doors but there is plenty of room inside.  If a long wall is removed the replacement poles are higher at 6'10''.


How should the tent be stored?

The tents must be completely dry before being stored or mildew can develop.  They should be stored in a dry and mouse/moth free environment.


How many people can fit into each tent size?

26’x14’  Max seated about 48 (6 tables of 8) quite a squash, up to about 70 standing
22’x12’  about 50 standing
18’x10’  about 30 standing

15’x15’  about 30 standing
13’x13’  about 20 standing
10’x10’  about 15 standing


Do you have to put on the front wall?

No, you can leave it off but you must support the roof with the 2nd set of long poles. 


Do you have to have an open front?

No, you can have all 4 walls on the tent. 


Can you remove more than one wall?

Yes.  With the Bazaar tent you can also remove the back wall, and again replace the support of the roof with the extra poles (supplied).  See picture in brochure or website.


What if I have a problem with one of your tents?

See Terms and Conditions.