Tent Specifications

Our tents are made in Pakistan by carefully chosen suppliers who use natural materials and local skills to create authentic tents.  All weaving, dyeing, printing, metal work and rope work is done by hand.

For this year, Bazaar Tents is excited to offer you a choice between the traditional cotton canvas, or a new polycotton canvas to suit your needs.  The traditional cotton offers a more natural look and a breathable finish, whilst the polycotton provides a more lightweight tent that is not only more robust, but easier to maintain.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch through our contact page for any more advice about which fabric is right for  you.





Cotton Canvas

100% Cotton

Water Resistant* and Fire Retardant Treated**.

Roof: 730g per Sq/m

Walls: 590g per Sq/m

Polycotton Canvas

65% cotton/35% Polyester.

Water Resistant* and Fire Retardant Treated**.

All sections: 320g per Sq/m

 * Water Resistant treatment standard is AATCC 22 and is applied to both the inner and outer fold.

** Fire Retardant treatment standard is BS 5852 and is applied to both the inner and outer fold.


The interior liners are made from yellow cotton of 150g sq/m and printed with a Phool border pattern.



All of our tents are designed with 4 seperate walls (6ft in height).  Each wall consists of an inner liner and outer canvas, sewn together with the Iron wall poles between them.  The front and back walls both have doors and both of these walls can be removed without hindering the stability of the tent.  The skirt/mud-flap at the base of the walls is made from white HDPE UV stabilised fabric.



The roof section comes in one piece with both the inner lining and outer canvas sewn together and guy ropes attached.  A ring and spike system attaches the roof to the poles and loop lacing attaches the walls.



Central Supporting Poles:  The wooden poles (made from Norwegian Redwood) are made in two sections and sleeve jointed.  The Haj has a single supporting pole, whilst The Bazaar has two supporting poles.

Each tent is also provided with the 7" wooden finials to top the central supporting pole(s).


Wall Poles:  The Iron wall poles are 6'2" in height and 1" in diameter, they are sewn into the walls.  Each tent includes 2 additional wooden poles to support the roof when the front wall is removed.  These poles are 6'4" in height for the Haj and 6'10" in height for the Bazaar, both heights of pole have a diameter of 1.5".



Guy Ropes and Pegs 

Guy ropes are made of 12mm, twisted, three strand, white cotton rope.

The pegs are strong 18" black Iron and provided one peg per guy rope.  A mallet is included.


Carrying Cases

Your tent will come with canvas carry cases, a pole bag and a peg bag.

When packed, the dimensions of a 26x14 Bazaar are:


















The Transit/ Shipping packaging is HDPE UV stabilised fabric.



Instructions on how to put up your tent are sent out with each order, alternatively you can find them here.